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29th July 2014

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You sexy bastard (▰˘◡˘▰) (x)

29th July 2014

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I took a picture of Jared and Jensen taking a selfie and life was good.

28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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Jared Padalecki [SDCC'14 ~Supernatural signing]

28th July 2014

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This is a post about all of the Jared Padalecki hype at the moment. It’s the only one I’m going to make. It’s not wank. Feel free to scroll past.

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28th July 2014

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Let’s talk about this for a second okay?

(And yes I realize not ALL ship fandoms are part of this problem, but I’m sick of this shit so I’m using crossfire tagging method)

It should come as no surprise that Jared is getting/is going to get hate for this response. For some strange reason the rabid drama-inducing members of this fandom cannot seem to wrap their heads around the fact that romance has NOTHING to do with this show.

Supernatural is a story about two brothers and their struggle with the curse that is the everyday supernatural constantly knocking them down and destroying their lives. This show is NOT about two brothers fucking (which they’re not and never will), or an angel/human fucking (which they DIDN’T and NEVER WILL), nor is it about either one of the brothers hooking up with some girl god-knows-where.

It’s about TWO BROTHERS and their journey.

I don’t understand why the rabid/hard-headed fans won’t accept this concept. Supernatural is in the same ballpark as The Walking Dead: both shows revolve aroud survivors trying to make the best of bad situations (or an ongoing bad situation that keeps escalating) and learning to lean on each other through thick and thin.

Yes these shows experience romantic concepts, it’s hard to ignore a romantic sub-story, but notice I used the word “sub”, meaning it’s a branch-off of the original storyline. It is NOT the storyline itself.

So Jared specifically stated that this show isn’t about romance, so what? It’s TRUE.

He never said there’s never been, nor will there ever be, romantic concepts included in the storyline, just that the overall show is NOT ABOUT THOSE PARTS.

Get it through your heads that your ship DOES NOT make this show.

The journey of two brothers DOES make this show.

This isn’t rocket science people.

So stop bitching about his response. It wasn’t “dickish”, and it sure as hell wasn’t uncalled for. Jared and Co are getting tired of your shit, they’re not going to baby you, they’re not going to kiss your ass.

Get the fuck over it.

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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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The babes are just too cute - Nerd HQ 2014


The babes are just too cute - Nerd HQ 2014

28th July 2014

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We are at the comic con right now, it’s all about fan here. What is your special message to them ?

28th July 2014

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I’d love to be on Arrow. He’s a big fit dude, it’s a fun show, it’s another genre show. I’d love to do that.

28th July 2014

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Jensen talks about perks of working with Jared. (x)

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